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October 2023

01-10-2023 19 51 59 46
02-10-2023 07 64 38 08

October 2023

01-10-2023 31 62 47 46
02-10-2023 73 46 80 55

September 2023

01-09-2023 03 96 48 66
02-09-2023 55 62 22 83
03-09-2023 52 61 16 43
04-09-2023 16 44 94 02
05-09-2023 16 74 70 47
06-09-2023 46 80 33 22
07-09-2023 24 73 62 35
08-09-2023 11 54 13 66
09-09-2023 76 58 51 22
10-09-2023 46 89 29 38
11-09-2023 38 69 48 31
12-09-2023 98 52 29 08
13-09-2023 11 39 06 34
14-09-2023 92 89 88 05
15-09-2023 49 27 26 93
16-09-2023 48 07 25 54
17-09-2023 19 89 52 48
18-09-2023 86 52 21 75
19-09-2023 39 54 38 38
20-09-2023 100 59 90 03
21-09-2023 84 18 82 27
22-09-2023 75 74 89 43
23-09-2023 80 65 60 57
24-09-2023 95 08 65 54
25-09-2023 14 28 16 32
26-09-2023 33 39 68 74
27-09-2023 81 02 96 31
28-09-2023 100 40 70 18
29-09-2023 31 11 04 47

September 2023

01-09-2023 65 81 54 22
02-09-2023 07 50 26 18
03-09-2023 54 69 81 35
04-09-2023 10 43 49 86
05-09-2023 46 78 75 34
06-09-2023 11 26 08 27
07-09-2023 23 07 35 68
08-09-2023 67 80 20 13
09-09-2023 74 59 42 01
10-09-2023 90 61 83 80
11-09-2023 39 26 52 36
12-09-2023 48 54 79 65
13-09-2023 13 06 07 44
14-09-2023 27 48 50 17
15-09-2023 06 17 93 20
16-09-2023 51 70 45 73
17-09-2023 85 33 25 69
18-09-2023 32 21 68 91
19-09-2023 70 59 38 31
20-09-2023 48 92 71 82
21-09-2023 96 82 19 75
22-09-2023 13 74 43 06
23-09-2023 64 07 06 27
24-09-2023 49 15 54 14
25-09-2023 07 68 61 43
26-09-2023 82 41 97 58
27-09-2023 31 50 46 90
28-09-2023 70 36 04 100
29-09-2023 58 89 23 29

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 सट्टा किंग वास्तव में क्या है?

 Satta king एक प्रसिद्ध सट्टा बाजार है। यह सवाल आपके मन में जरूर आया होगा। आखिर क्या है सट्टा मटका या सट्टा किंग,  matka को हिंदी में सट्टा के नाम से भी जाना जाता है। सट्टा मटका और सट्टा किंग खेलना जोखिम भरा है। यह मौका का मटका खेल है। हालाँकि, यह केवल भारत ही नहीं है जो भाग लेता है, बल्कि शेष उपमहाद्वीप भी। यह मटकागेम ऑनलाइन और ऑफलाइन दोनों तरह से खेलने योग्य है। मटकागेम आज भी लोकप्रिय है। भारत में बॉलीवुड ने भी इसे एक फिल्म में दिखाया है। वह मटकागेम काफी बहस का विषय रहा है। कुछ लोग कहते हैं कि यह कानूनी है, लेकिन दूसरों का कहना है कि ऐसा नहीं है। एक ही समय में अमीर और गरीब दोनों बनना संभव है।

 जुआरी ये खेल खेलते हैं, और उन्हें अपने पैसे का बहुत अधिक मूल्य मिलता है। इसके अलावा, यदि संख्या गलत है, तो व्यक्ति अपना भाग्य खो सकता है।


What is satta king?

Satta King which is very popular satta market. This question must have come in your mind. After all, what is Satta Matka or Satta King, in simple language, Matka is also called Satta in Hindi. SattaMatka and SattaKing is a gamble. This is a lottery gamb. However it is not just played by India but also the subcontinent. Online and offline players can play this game. The game retained its popularity till now. Bollywood also depict this in a film about it in India. There have been various controversy surrounding that gamb. Some argue it is legal some argue it is illegal. One may have an opportunity to become rich and beggar at once. It is true that gamblers play these games and they get lots for their investment. In addition one could lose his fortune if given wrong numbers.

SattaMatkaGame was started in 1950. Which has been going on since the independence of India till now. At the time of the beginning of SattaKingg, it was also called as figure jugaad. Many changes were made in the MatkaGame. But the name Mataka continues even today. This game was very popular from 1980 to 1990.

But due to the increasing popularity of this gamb, due to repeated raids by the Mumbai Police, due to which there was a lot of damage in the system of Matkagame. In the time of 1990, the commercial monthly turnover of SattaMataka used to be more than 500 crores. But in the present time most of the people have started batting in lottery or cricket match. But recently, within a short time, SattaMatka has started becoming as famous as the old era.

History of Satta Matka or Satta king?

How Ratan Khatri had set up 'matke business' in front of Kalyanji Bhagat:-

In the illegal business of matka business in the 1960s, there were only two names, one Kalyanji Bhagat and the other Ratan Khatri. It is believed that Kalyanji Bhagat started this business in the late 1950s but Ratan Khatri spread the network of this profession.

Ratan Khatri, popularly known as MatakaKingg, died in Mumbai. He was 88 years old. The pot business and Ratan Khatri remained each other's namesake for several decades. Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Ratan Khatri came to India at the time of the India-Pakistan partition. After coming to Mumbai, young Ratan Khatri tried his hand in many businesses. But the way of his life changed when he met the firstMatka King Kalyan ji Bhagat in the true sense of India.

Who was Kalyan ji Bhagat?

Kalyan ji Bhagat, who belonged to the Kutch area of Gujarat, also came to Mumbai in 1941. Bhagat also tried his hand in many professions for about 15 years but did not get much success. Meanwhile, Kalyan ji Bhagat worked from grocery store manager to selling spices. But then he started the business of betting bookie with the opening and closing of New York and Bombay cotton markets. There came a time when Bhagat started to feel that now he has come to know a lot about this market. It became easy for him to estimate the cost of cotton. From here the real matkagame started.

Kalyan ji's son Vinod Bhagat had told in an interview given to a newspaper that the mataka was named by Kalyan ji because the idea of this business was when people saw people betting by taking out chit from the mataka at some place on the road. But in this gamb the pot was never used in reality.

kalyan ji and ratan together

When Kalyan ji started this mataka betting in Bombay, it is said that only Ratan Khatri used to manage the initial business. This was called Worli Mataka. Ratan Khatri was, in a way, the manager of Kalyan ji. In Mataka, betting was done on the opening and closing prices of the yarn in the New York Cotton Exchange. In the 1960s, it was popular among every section of the society of Mumbai. But then in 1962 the New York Stock Exchange stopped this process. Now the pot business was about to close.

Ratan Khatri started business again

It is said that after this Ratan Khatri started bidding on other things other than just the cotton exchange. It is said that after this the pot business picked up speed and Ratan Khatri also separated from Kalyan ji. Now Ratan Khatri's name also started shining in the mattka business.

Ratan Matka

Ratan Matka started apart from Kalyan ji. Despite gambling being illegal in India, the matka business continued to flourish in Mumbai. Even though this business would have been in Mumbai, but the bids on it were from many corners of the country. On one hand, where Kalyan ji wanted to keep his mataka business hidden, Ratan says about Khatri that he promoted it. A report published in the Mumbai Mirror newspaper says that in 1974, the daily turnover of this pot business had reached one crore rupees.

emergency arrest

When former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in 1975, Ratan Khatri was also caught and imprisoned. During his stay in jail for 19 months, then Khatri's business was torn apart to a great extent. But then it is said that after coming out of jail, he again accumulated this business in the same way.

Firoz Khan's film Dharmatma

Unlike Kalyan ji, Ratan Khatri was fond of films and glamor. A report in The Hindu newspaper states that the main character (ie Prem Nath's role) in Firoz Khan's film Dharmatma was centered on Ratan Khatri. It is said that when this role was being written, Ratan Khatri had told a lot about himself.

How to play satta king game? Online or Offline

Satta King is played both online and offline.

1. OfflineSatta

2. OnlineSatta

Offline satta game:- In satta king game people bet on their chosen numbers between 01 to 100. For this, the players contact the betting player in their area, who is called Khaiwal. Khaiwal acts as a middleman. Khaiwal collects money and numbers from the players and sends them to the betting company. After this the players wait for their games to open. After this the satta company opens the satta number. After this you have to see which number is open. If the number you entered is the same number, then you will be the winner. After this you can take your money from Khaiwal. The prices of the trenches vary. Some Khaiwal gives Rs.950 on putting 10 rupees, some Khaiwal gives Rs.900 for 10 and some Khaiwal gives only Rs.800 for 10.

Online satta game:- You can play sattaking game online as well. To play onlinesattagame you have to visit online satta website or app. You choose a website or app that is reliable. Some websites or apps are fraudulent so you should choose a reliable website or app. The rule from putting the rest of the number to taking money is the same as offline. In 0nline mode, you have to take money from 0nline mode only.

Eg bank, paytm, google pay etc.

How many types of satta king game?

In the beginning, the satta kingg used to be in a limit and the satta gamb was played only at some of the main main places across the country. But in the present time many types of satta games are played.

Ex:- gali, disawar, desawar, faridabad, ghaziabad, faridpur, ghazipur, haput night, hapur morning, record chart etc.


What is Black Satta King Game?

If you tell about what is Black Satta, in easy language Hindi, then SattaMatka or which is known as SattaKing. Basically it is a traditional game. Which has been completely developed in India itself. Sattagamb is originated in India, and after that this gamb has become famous all over the world. SattaMatka became very popular among the people since the 90s. SattaMatka gamb became so popular. At that time most of the people of the country used to play sattamatkagame, and at the same time not only men but also women, grahaniya also used to invest money by playing sattamatkagame. In the olden times, this gamb was also called the game of luck. Thus black sattakingg became a popular game.

What is satta king786?

Sattaking786 is also a name of betting, power is played with different names, which is satta king786 is the name of a bet. This power game is being played for many years. Sattaking786 has become a popular game in the present time.

What is Hapur satta king?

Hapur satta king is also a name of betting, power is played with different names, which is the name of a betting hapursatta king. Hapur is the name of a city.

Some games are such that the name of the sattagame is named after the name of the city.

Hapur satta king has also become a popular gamb in the present time.

Some popular game of Hapur Satta King:-







Who are Matka Kings?

This question must have come in the mind of all of you, that who is called Satta King and what is the meaning of the word SattaKingg. Let us tell you in simple language, that the person who earns the most money in the satta gamb is addressed as the sattakingg. At present, only three people have got the title of Satta King,

1. Kalyanji Bhagat

2. Suresh Bhagat

3. Ratan Khatri

These three have earned the most money from satta games till date.


Important questions related to Satta Matka :-

Many different questions must be coming in your mind regarding SattaMatka. That's why we have written some important questions below and also answered that question.

Q.1:- What is Satta Matka Game?

Ans:- In simple language, Satta Mataka is a gamb of gambling, which has developed in the country of India and then this game gradually spread all over the world and even today, MatkaGamb is played. Satta Matka or satta king game is a game of luck.

Q.2:- What is the difference between satta matka and satta king.

Ans:- The Satta Matka is called the Satta King. That is, the one who wins the power is called the king of power.

Q.3:- Who is the creator of satta matka game?

Ans:- Satta Matka game has been created by Ratan Khatri ji.

Q.4:- Who is called the father of satta matka game?

Ans:- Ratan Khatri is called the father of Satta Matka game.

Q.5:- What is Kalyan Matka?

Ans:- Kalyan Matka is a type of betting gamb and this game was started by Kalyanji Bhagat in 1962 and first this game was played in 1962. At present, this gamb is also known as KalyanMatka.

Q.6 :- Who is called Satta King in India?

Ans:- Who is called the Satta King of India. There are mainly three speculative kings of India. And till now only these three have got the title of SattaMatka King. Their names are Kalyanji Bhagat, Ratan Khatri and Suresh Bhagat.

Q.7:- What is Satta king786?

Ans:- Satta king786 is the name of a betting gamb that comes under the SattaMatkaGame.

Q.8:- What is Black Satta?

Ans:- Black satta is a SattaMatka game played for many years.

Q.9:- Where to play Satta Matka or Satta king?

Ans:- You can play SattaMatka or Sattaking anywhere online_or_offline.

Q.10:- How many SattaGames are played in present time?

Ans:- Let us tell you all for the information that in the present time SattaMatka is played in the form of very different games.

Some of these are famous sattagames:-

Gali, Disawar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Record chart, fast result, Desawar, Trick, Live, lucky number, leak number, magic jodi, bazar, tricks


Satta king game to be played onlineOffline. Satta kingg gamb is going on since ancient times. The gamb is started with a small amount and played up to a higher amount. Those who are new to this gamb should know the rules of betting. So that you can avoid losses due to betting. After understanding the rules of betting, you can play betting onlin only by visiting a reliable website. Because some onlin ditchers are fraudsters who fool gullible people into their trap. So be careful and choose a reliable website only.


यह साइट सिर्फ और सिर्फ मनोरंजन के लिए बनाई गई है । यह साइट सट्टे से जुड़ी किसी भी गतिविधि को बढ़ावा नहीं देती । सट्टा और जुआं जिस देश या राज्य में प्रतिबंधित है और जिनकी उम्र 18 वर्ष से कम है वे लोग इस साइट को visit न करे, ब्लॉक कर दें । किसी भी लाभ या हानि के लिए आप खुद जिम्मेदार होंगे ।


This site is made only and only for entertainment purposes. This site does not promote any betting activity. The country or state in which betting and gambling is banned and those who are less than 18 years of age Those people do not visit this site, block it. You will be responsible for any gain or loss.